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When my Momma used to make fudge, it was either so soft you ate it off the plate with a spoon, OR it was so hard that you chiseled at it with a knife. Either way, it was amazing! Except it seemed that every time she made her fudge, the Uncles started showing up at our door! Well, our recipe may be over 100 years old (and still amazing just like my Momma was), but now we make hundreds of pounds a day, so there should be plenty for you to enjoy! Order some just for yourself and hide it where the kids, uncles, friends, & dog, can't find it!  Or be extra nice and send some as a gift to YOUR Momma or some other special person! We make it with real grade AA butter and heavy whipping cream in our copper kettle. You'll be glad you treated yourself... OR that someone special!

1/2 lb $9.00, 1 lb $16.50, popular assortment gift box $52.00

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