In the good old days, everything was made by hand, and the traditions were passed from generation to generation. At the Chocolate Haus, we've taken the heritage of craftsmanship and the rich history of chocolate-making and poured them into a steaming copper kettle to produce a purely decadent chocolate sensation. Century-old recipes made by hand ensure a chocolate experience that's as rich in flavor as it is in history.

Part of the world famous, historic Amana Colonies, Iowa. The Chocolate Haus endures to preserve the fine art of preparing chocolate sweets for chocolate lovers (#chocoholics) everywhere. Tourists from across the globe have watched as we create gourmet truffles, soft caramels and our “made from scratch” mouth-watering fudge. Our charming location and historical building welcomes over hundreds of thousands of tourists that visit The Amana Colonies each year.


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