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Chocolate Covered Strawberries *READ DESCRIPTION*

Regular price $24.99

 *strawberries have a shelf life of about 1-2 days, we suggest to get them the day you plan on gifting them* 

$24.99/dozen  OR get 2 dozen & your 2nd dozen will only be $19! (must select the 2 dozen option for discount to be applied)

If only want PLAIN chocolate drizzled berries with NO goodies or sprinkles please put in note section @ checkout, otherwise your box will come with an assortment.



•Saturday 11th: Noon-4:30pm

•Sunday 12th: Noon-4:30pm

•Monday 13th: Noon-5pm

•Tuesday 14th: 11am-5pm

*AT CHECKOUT IN NOTE SECTION* please put the date you plan to pick up in our store,if any questions or can’t make it that day call us 319-622-3025


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